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Er Sneha Kadam Project Manager AeroSoft Corp

Sneha Kadam [PGP, B. E (IT)]  
PGP- IIM RAIPUR ( 2014-16)

I am currently pursuing my Post Graduate program form IIM Raipur. I belong from “Mumbai - The City that never sleeps”. I am energetic and outgoing individual with ability to gel easily with peers and subordinates alike as also good people management skills. I am passionate, dedicated and work centred individual who thrives on innovative initiatives.

I completed my B. E in IT from University of Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2012. Later I was working in Tata Consultancy services as SAP consultant in the domain of Business Intelligence (11th March2013 – 6th June 2014) 

I will be working as Aviation Management Trainee in AeroSoft Corp. 
The Project will be in involved for Conducting Market Research and Surveys, identifying the market potential areas and Generating Leads, following up with the Trained Pilots and Aircraft Operators Conduct research on Trained Pilots, Very Safe Aircrafts.

For any further query feel free to contact us.
Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ]  
Project Manager
Phone / Mobile : [91] 9960138417
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Aviation SMM and SEO Booking details of Your Aviation Business

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Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ]  
Project Manager
Phone / Mobile : [91] 9960138417

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For any further query feel free to contact us.

Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ]  
Project Manager 

3 Engineers of Indian Institute of Management Raipur will Provides Services to AeroSoft Corp as Project Managers.

3 Engineers of Indian Institute of Management Raipur will Provides Services to 
AeroSoft Corp as Project Managers. 

AeroSoft Welcomes following Professionals from Indian Institute of Management Raipur as Project Manager

Er Leena Bodo [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] 

Er Anju Elizabeth [ B Tech, PGDM IIM - Raipur ] 

Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] 

AeroSoft Corp CEO Capt Shekhar Gupta personally visited Indian Institute of Management Raipur campus and hand picked 3 Talented Engineers as Project Manager 
Er Leena Bodo [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] and Er Anju Elizabeth [ B Tech, PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be at Indore and Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be based in Mumbai with Associate Air Ops Office. 

During his visit AeroSoft Corp CEO Capt Shekhar Gupta had an Interactive Session with final Year Marketing Batch [2012-14 ] and talked about Aviation Industry and Scope in Aviation Blogging and Aviation SEO.

sonally visited Indian Institute of Management Raipur campus and hand picked 3 Talented Engineers as Project Manager 
Er Leena Bodo [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] and Er Anju Elizabeth [ B Tech, PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be at Indore and Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be based in Mumbai with Associate Air Ops Office. 

AeroSoft Welcomes 3 Professionals from Indian Institute of Management Raipur as Project Manager Er Leena Bodo [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] and Er Anju Elizabeth [ B Tech, PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be at Indore and Er Sneha Kadam [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] will be based in Mumbai with Associate Air Ops Office. 

AeroSoft Corp CEO Capt Shekhar Gupta 

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Er Leena Bodo [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] AeroSoft Corp as Project Managers,

Er Anju Elizabeth [ B Tech, PGDM IIM - Raipur ] AeroSoft Corp as Project Managers,

Er Sneha Kadam Project Manager AeroSoft Corp [ B E , PGDM IIM - Raipur ] ,


Aruna Sharma   [ MBA HR ] 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

History of ERP Origin of "ERP"

In 1990 Gartner Group first employed the acronym ERP[3] as an extension of material requirements planning (MRP), later manufacturing resource planning[4][5] and computer-integrated manufacturing. Without supplanting these terms, ERP came to represent a larger whole, reflecting the evolution of application integration beyond manufacturing.[6] Not all ERP packages were developed from a manufacturing core. Vendors variously began with accounting, maintenance and human resources. By the mid–1990s ERP systems addressed all core functions of an enterprise. Beyond corporations, governments and non–profit organizations also began to employ ERP systems.

ERP systems experienced rapid growth in the 1990s because the year 2000 problem and introduction of the Euro disrupted legacy systems. Many companies took this opportunity to replace such systems with ERP.

ERP systems initially focused on automating back office functions that did not directly affect customers and the general public. Front office functions such as customer relationship management (CRM) dealt directly with customers, or e–business systems such as e–commerce, e–government, e–telecom, and e–finance, or supplier relationship management (SRM) became integrated later, when the Internet simplified communicating with external parties.[citation needed]

"ERP II" was coined in the early 2000s. It describes web–based software that allows both employees and partners (such as suppliers and customers) real–time access to the systems. The role of ERP II expands from the resource optimization and transaction processing of traditional ERP to leveraging the information involving those resources in the enterprise’s efforts to collaborate with other enterprises, not just to conduct e-commerce buying and selling.[9] Compared to the first generation ERP, ERP II is said to be more flexible rather than confining the capabilities of the ERP system within the organization, it is designed to go beyond the corporate walls and interact with other systems. "Enterprise application suite" is an alternate name for such systems.
Two-tier enterprise resource planning

Two-tier ERP comprises software and hardware that allows these companies to run the equivalent of two ERP systems at once: one at the corporate level and one at the division or subsidiary level. For example, a manufacturing company uses an ERP system to manage the company across the organization. This company uses global or regional suppliers, production centers, and service providers to support the manufacturing company’s customers.

These suppliers, production centers, and service providers are independent companies that maintain their own brand and business model. These companies also have their own workflows and processes. Given the realities of globalization, enterprises continuously evaluate how to optimize their regional, divisional and product-based manufacturing strategies to support strategic goals and reduce time-to-market while increasing profitability and delivering value. With two-tier ERP, these companies continue operating under their own business model separate from the manufacturing company. Since these companies' processes and workflows are not tied to manufacturing company's processes and workflows, they can respond to local business requirements in multiple locations.

Factors affecting enterprises adopting two-tier ERP systems are the globalization of manufacturing or the economics of sourcing in emerging economies.Two-tier ERP strategies give enterprises agility in responding to market demands and in aligning IT systems at a corporate level.

 erp system

Complete SAP Modules:

1.    SAP Basis

1.1.           Security (BC - SEC)

1.2.           Application Link Enabling (ALE)

1.3.           Remote Function Calls (RFC)

1.4.           Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

1.5.           Common Program Interface Communications (CPI-C)

1.6.           Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

1.7.           Customizing (BC-CUS)

1.8.           ABAP Programming and Runtime Environment (BC - ABA)

1.9.           Client Server Technology (BC - CST)

1.10.       Network Integration (BC - NET)

1.11.       Basis Services/ Communication Interfaces (BC - SRV)

1.12.       Computing Center Management System (BC - CCM)

1.13.       Upgrade General (BC - UPG)

1.14.       Change and Transport System (BC - CTS)

1.15.       Operating System Platform(BC - OP)

1.16.       Database Interface, database platforms (BC - DB)

1.17.       Front End Services (BC - FES)

1.18.       ABAP Workbench (BC - DWB)

1.19.       Documentation and Translation Tools (BC - DOC)

1.20.       Controls and Control Framework (BC - CI)  

1.21.       Business Management (BC - BMT)

1.22.       Middleware (BC - MID)

1.23.       Computer Aided Test Tool (BC - CAT)

1.24.       Ready to Run R/3 (BC - BRR)

1.25.       Authorisations System Monitoring with CCMS Workload Alert Monitor

2.    ABAP/4 Programming

2.1             ABAP Workbench

2.2             Menu Painter

2.3             Screen Painter

2.4             Data Dictionary

2.5             SAP Script

2.6             Business Workflow (BC - WF)

2.7             ALE

2.8             EDI

2.9             Business Connector

2.10         Business Server Pages

2.11         Internet Application Server

2.12         Mercator Report Painter

2.13         ALV reporting

2.14         Report writer

2.15         Dialog Programming

2.16         Repository Information System

2.17         ABAP 00

2.18         IDOCS

2.19         LSMW

2.20         Smartforms

2.21         EBP

2.22         ASAP methodology

2.23         ABAP Query

3.    SAP FI (Financial Accounting)

3.1.           General Ledger Accounting (FI - GL)

3.2.           Special Ledger (FI - SL)

3.3.           Extended Ledger

3.4.           Accounts Payable (FI- AP)

3.5.           Accounts Receivable (FI - AR)

3.6.           Asset Accounting (FI - AA)

3.7.           Bank Accounting

3.8.           Funds Management (FI - FM)

3.9.           Travel Management (FI-TM)

3.10.       Consolidation

4.    SAP CO (Controlling)

4.1.           Cost Centre Accounting (CO - CCA)

4.2.           Overhead Cost Controlling (CO - OM)

4.3.           Activity Based Coding (CO - ABC)

4.4.           Product Cost Controlling (CO - PC)

4.5.           Profitability Analysis (CO - PA)

4.6.           Material Ledger (CO - ML)

5.    SAP EC (Enterprise Controlling)

5.1.           Consolidation (EC - CS)

5.2.           Executive Information System (EC-EIS)

5.3.           Profit Center Accounting (EC - PCA)

5.4.           Business Planning and Budgeting

6.    SAP TR (Treasury)

6.1.           Cash Management (TR - CM)

6.2.           Loans Management (TR - LM)

6.3.           Market Risk Management (TR - MRM)

6.4.           Treasury Management (TR - TM)

6.5.           Funds Management (TR - FM)

6.6.           Information System

7.    SAP IM (Investment Management)

7.1.           Investment Programmes

7.2.           Investment Measures (orders/products)

7.3.           Corporation Wide Budgeting

7.4.           Appropriation Requests

7.5.           Automatic Settlement of Fixed Assets

7.6.           Depreciation Forecast

7.7.           Information System

8.    SAP HR (Human Resource)

8.1.           Recruitment

8.2.           Personnel Administration

8.3.           Benefits Administration

8.4.           Compensation Management

8.5.           Personnel Development

8.6.           Organizational Management

8.7.           Travel Management

8.8.           Training and Events Management

8.9.           Personnel Planning

8.10.       Time Management

8.11.       Incentive

8.12.       Wages

8.13.       Workflow

8.14.       Payroll

8.15.       Internet Scenarios

8.16.       Information System

9.    SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

9.1.           Master Data

9.2.           Sales

9.3.           Sales Support

9.4.           Sales Information System

9.5.           Billing

9.6.           Special Business Transactions

9.7.           Shipping

9.8.           Transportation

9.9.           Credit Control

9.10.       QM in SD

9.11.       Internet

9.12.       Foreign Trade

9.13.       Electronic Data Interchange

10.           SAP Logistics Information System

10.1.       Purchasing Information System

10.2.       Sales Information System

10.3.       Inventory Controlling

10.4.       Retail Information System

10.5.       Production Planning and Control Information System

10.6.       Plant Maintenance Information System

10.7.       Project Information System

11.           SAP MM (Materials Management)

11.1.       Purchasing

11.2.       Invoice Verification

11.3.       Logistics (General)

11.4.       Logistics Information System

11.5.       Inventory Management

11.6.       Inventory / Valuations

11.7.       Materials Planning

11.8.       Workflow

11.9.       External Services Management

11.10.  QM in MM

11.11.  Warehouse Management

12.           SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

12.1.       Preventative Maintenance

12.2.       Maintenance Order Management

12.3.       Maintenance Projects

12.4.       Service Management

12.5.       Maintenance Planning

12.6.       Equipment and Technical Objects

12.7.       Structuring Technical Systems

12.8.       PM Processing

12.9.       Work Clearance Management

12.10.  Internet Scenarios

12.11.  Customising

12.12.  Information System

13.           SAP PP (Production Planning)

13.1.       Make to Order (CR)

13.2.       Make to Order (PIR)

13.3.       Repetitive Manufacturing

13.4.       PP for Process Industries (PP - PI)

13.5.       PP - Processes

13.6.       Sales and Operations Planning

13.7.       Capacity requirements

13.8.       Master Planning

13.9.       KANBAN

13.10.  Production Orders

13.11.  Product Cost Planning

13.12.  Plant Data Collection

13.13.  Assembly Orders

13.14.  Information System

14.           SAP QM - Quality Management

14.1.       Planning

14.2.       Inspections

14.3.       Notifications

14.4.       Control

14.5.       Certificates

14.6.       Test Equipment Management

14.7.       QM-IS

15.           SAP BW (Business Warehousing)

15.1.       Data Warehousing

15.2.       BI Suite - Business Explorer

15.3.       BI Platform

15.4.       ODS Structures

15.5.       Development Technologies

15.6.       Info Cube

15.7.       Design Build

16.           SAP CS (Customer Service)

16.1.       Service Processing

16.2.       Controlling

16.3.       Service Contracts

16.4.       Workflow in Customer Service

17.           SAP SMB

17.1.       SAP SMB

18.           SAP CA (Cross Application Components)

18.1.       SAP Business Workflow

18.2.       Application Link Enabling (ALE)

19.           SAP PS (Project Systems)

19.1.       Basic Data

19.2.       Operational Structures

19.3.       Project Planning

19.4.       Approval

19.5.       Information System

19.6.       Project Execution and Integration

19.7.       Work Breakdown Structure

20.           mySAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

20.1.       Self Service Procurement

20.2.       Service Procurement

20.3.       Plan Driven Procurement

20.4.       Spend Analysis

20.5.       Strategic Sourcing

20.6.       Catalogue Content Management

21.           mySAP SEM

21.1.       Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)

21.2.       Business Information Collection (SEM-BIC)

21.3.       Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS)

21.4.       Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM-CPM)

21.5.       Stakeholder Relationship Management (SEM-SRM)

22.           mySAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

22.1.       CRM Enterprise

22.2.       Field Applications

22.3.       Interaction Center

22.4.       E-Commerce

22.5.       Channel Management

22.6.       Industry Specific CRM

23.           mySAP Product Life Cycle Management

23.1.       Document Management

23.2.       Engineering Change Management

23.3.       Enterprise Content Management

23.4.       Classification

23.5.       Basic Data for Process Manufacturing

24.           SAP SCM (SAP Supply Chain Management)

24.1.       SCM Process and Business Scenarios

24.2.       SAP Forecasting and Replenishment

24.3.       SAP Advance Planning and Optimization (SAP - APO)

24.4.       SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP - OCH)

24.5.       SAP Event Management (SAP - EM)

24.6.       SCM Basis

25.           SAP Netweaver

25.1.       SAP Masterdata Management

25.2.       Information Integration

25.3.       Portal Content

25.4.       Process Integration

25.5.       Knowledge Management

25.6.       Life Cycle Management

25.7.       SAP Business Intelligence

25.8.       SAP Visual Composer

25.9.       People Integration

25.10.  Application Platform

25.11.  SAP Web Application Server

25.12.  SAP Business Information Warehouse

25.13.  SAP Solution Manager

25.14.  SAP Enterprise Portal

25.15.  SAP Mobile Engine

25.16.  Security

26.           SAP IS (Industry Solutions) / SAP for Industries

SAP has the following industries specific solutions:

26.1.       Aerospace & Defence

26.2.       Consumer Products

26.3.       Defence & Security

26.4.       Retail

26.5.       Insurance

26.6.       Mill Products

26.7.       Higher Education & Research

26.8.       Industrial Machinery & Components

26.9.       Logistics Service Providers

26.10.  Automotive

26.11.  Chemicals

26.12.  Pharmaceuticals

26.13.  Banking

26.14.  Telecoms

26.15.  Life Sciences

26.16.  Mining

26.17.  Public Sector

26.18.  Service Provider

26.19.  Media

26.20.  Healthcare

26.21.  Oil & Gas

26.22.  Utilities

26.23.  Postal Services 

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Er Neha Godbole B.E (Computer Science), PGDM (PM & HRD) 
Executive HR 

Career with AeroSoft

At AeroSoft you will find a working environment full of challenging opportunities which carves you into a successful go better. We recognize hard work and talent and rewards exceptional performance. If you have skills,qualities and abilities in you which makes you feel that you can be a part of AeroSoft then send your resumes to us, we will be very happy to make your way to become a part of work culture where hard work, zeal and growth are everyday's business. We are looking for Only Freshers & UnEmployed Professionals who:
1.Have Positive Attitude.
2.Is a self starter and go better.
3.Strives for growth, success and excellence.
4.Is enthusiastic to learn new skills. 5.Loves her work and organization.
Openings :
1. Junior HR Executive
2. Marketing Executive
3. Data Entry Operator
4. Air Ticketing Officers
5. SEO
6. Officer Account
7. Manager Public Relation
8. Work At Home
9. Software Developer
10. HR Manager
11. Marketing Manager
12. Direct Business Associates (DBA)
13. On Job Trainee (OJT)
14. Web Masters
If you think you have all the above mentioned skills and qualities in you then you are the person we are looking for. To Promote No Frill Low Cost Recession Proof Win-Win Aviation KPO Services.
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